Posted: November 18, 2017

Choose Well Scores Refreshed

Choose Well is pleased to announce Choose Well provider scores have been updated to reflect the set of enhancements approved by the County of San Diego.  Updated scores did not affect all Choose Well providers.  As of 2/7/2018 however, all scores shown on the site are now current.  Scores were updated and refreshed based on the set of enhancements presented to, and approved by the County of San Diego. 

Enhancements to the Choose Well Scoring Device include:

  • a) removing citation data from 2010, 2011 and 2012.  Going forward the scores will only include citations received during a five-year period (2013 - 2017, plus an accumulating 6th year (2018);
  • b) adding new citations resulting from the 2014 legislation impacting RCFEs;
  • c) 2 incentive points added to any provider's score for a "Substantial Compliance" received on a state-required inspection.

Additionally, if a faciity has received any citations over the last 12 months, those have now been rolled into the scores now posted.  

If you have questions regarding the scoring device, the enhancements or any other question about the scores, please contact the Choose Well Project Team at (858) 221-4862.