Choose Well Times - June 2019

The June 2019 edition of the Choose Well Times features an article written by Michelle Retzer, licensee of Renown Suites, St. Andrews Suites, and Victoria Estates.  She shares her journey from McDonald's franchisee to successful RCFE owner. You'll also find an article on helping your residents get a better night's sleep, how to reduce resident anxiety with a sheet of bubble wrap, and links to important new Provider Information Notices (PINs) issued by CCLD.  Because summer is here, days will be getting hotter; the 2019 List of Cool Zones will help you find one near you - just in case your facility exceeds the comfortable temperature allowed by Title 22.   We have two versions of the newsletter for you:  one to read on screen, with clickable links, and a second one that is printable.  And thank you for reading the Choose Well Times. 

Dental Care and Oral Hygiene in RCFEs

Dental care for RCFE residents is not spelled out in Title 22,.  It is mentioned as part of Article 8, Section 87464, Basic Services which states facilities shall include, at a minimum, arrangements to meet the requirements of Section 87465, Incidental Medical and Dental Care Services.  Section 87465 offers a bit more detail stating facilities shall have a plan to encourage routine dental care and shall provide assistance in obtaining such care.  But exactly how facilities encourage and provide assistance is up to you and your staff.  This article offers some helpful tips from the dental community to freshen up your approach.

All Aboard: Improving Transportation Services

As people age, it becomes more difficult to drive.  Vision, mobility, and mental capacity decline.  Also, the side effects of some medications may create problems.  But many older adults do not want to stop driving.  Some see it as a significant loss.  Others may see it as a threat to their well-being.  There may be truth to this.  Some research shows that when older adults stop driving, they experience lower life satisfaction, depression, and a decline in their general health (Liddle, 2012) (Marottoli, 1997) (Edwards, 2009).​

Choose Well Times - March 2019

March's Choose Well Times features Leo Espinosa's journey to becoming licensee and administration of Butterfly Gardens II.  You'll find that on the first page of the issue.  If you're looking for activities for your facility, this issue has suggestions for holiday-themed activities and lists not-for-profit organizations offering pet therapy happiness.  Page 4 of this issue has an article on Resident Councils and what your responsibilities are for allowing your residents to assemble to talk over issues they have with your facility.  

Choose Well Times - January 2019

January 2019's edition of Choose Well Times reminds providers of the annual data-dropoff and rescoring event.  There is also an article about fall prevention, a promo for the 7 February Lunch n' Learn event at the HHSA East County Offices, late-breaking news about the number of Choose Well members in each of six HHSA Regions, links to CCLD's most current PINs, and more.   

Quality Measure 10: Observing for Changes in Condition

Quality Measure 10: Basic Resident Care and Supervision – Ensuring that residents’ basic needs and preferences are sufficiently documented and addressed.

Quality Measure 10 contains fourteen Title 22 regulations.  One of these is regulation Section 87466, Observation of the Resident.  This section requires facilities—

“regularly observe residents for changes in physical, mental, emotional and social functioning and that appropriate assistance is provided when such observation reveals unmet needs." 

It also requires- 


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