The 11 Quality Measures

The 11 Quality Measures and their definitions create the framework for a facility's Choose Well score.  These were developed by stakeholders and demonstrate to you a facility's 5-year rolling compliance with the state regulations related to a particular Quality Measure.


Activities and Socialization

Ensuring that residents have access to planned activities that are appropriate to the interests and capabilities of the residents.

Emergency Disaster Planning

Ensuring a facility has written, readily available disaster, mass casualty and evacuation plans and that all staff is knowledgeable about the plan and prepared to execute it.

Facility Maintenance & Safety

Ensuring a facility is clean, safe, sanitary and in good repair at all times and that all facility maintenance and safety guidelines are followed.

Food and Nutrition

Ensuring residents are served meals that meet their physical and nutritional needs and that facilities follow food storage, safety and cleanliness guidelines and maintain an adequate food supply.

Non-Compliance Conference Summary Status

This term refers to facilities that are under review by Community Care Licensing (CCL) for existing deficiencies. [CCL uses Non-Compliance Conferences to impress upon facilities the seriousness of their deficiencies prior to requesting administrative action to revoke their license.]

Resident Rights

Ensuring residents are treated with dignity and respect and are fully educated on their rights.


Ensuring a certified administrator and an appropriate number of trained and criminally background checked staff are available at a facility to meet the needs of the residents.

Civil Penalties

Ensuring facilities protect the health, safety and personal rights of individuals in care, and are willing and able to maintain substantial compliance with CCL licensing laws and regulations. (Failure to do so subjects facilities to enforcement actions including civil penalties.)

Specialty Care

Ensuring that facilities provide safe and responsible specialty care (i.e Dementia Care, Hospice Care, Bedridden Resident Care, Total Care, and Prohibited Health Conditions.)

Basic Resident Care and Supervision

Ensuring that residents' basic needs and preferences are sufficiently documented and addressed.

Medical Needs and Responsiveness

Ensuring facilities provide adequate and prompt medical attention within the scope of their licenses.