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Choose Well is San Diego County’s free tool to help seniors.  It also helps families and their caregivers find assisted living providers who have a good track record for giving good care.
With Choose Well San Diego your search is easy.  And here you can learn details about more than 600 licensed assisted living settings in San Diego County including a map to their location. You will also be able to compare facilities side by side.

The Facility Finder Tool

Begin with the Facility Finder.   The Facility Finder lets you locate and compare facilities based on name, zip code, or the size of the facility.  Choose Well San Diego lists licensed Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFEs) in San Diego.  Many are as small as 6 beds and others are over 300 beds.  You will find basic facts on all the facilities. Choose Well volunteer members offer even more information including:  price range, whether they take low-income residents, amenities offered and other information. 

Many assisted living facilities are teaming up with the County of San Diego by volunteering for this program.  Volunteer providers give you more facts about their care and services. They have also agreed to have their state history scored using the Choose Well Scoring Tool.  A facility’s agreement to be scored shows they are open and transparent.

A Choose Well Score lets you see how well a facility scores in 11 Quality Measures (Learn More)

Sample Quality Measure Score

  • How many activities and social events are arranged for residents;
  • How well the facility is maintained;
  • How food and nutrition is managed, prepared and served;
  • How medical needs are attended to; and
  • How well the facility obeys state regulations

What’s on a Facility Page?

Facility pages show you the details about a facility. Use the Facility Finder to list the facilities you are interested in. Then click on the facility you want to see. On our growing number of Choose Well volunteer facility pages, you can see:

  • Photos of the facility.
  • A description of the facility, and its on-site services.
  • The facility’s Choose Well Score.
  • Pricing, and caregiving staff on duty.
  • Whether the facility is allowed to have dementia, hospice or total care residents, and much more.

FAQs answer questions about senior care:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) answers many questions about senior care that you might have. You will learn about the Choose Well program, what assisted living is, and other important topics.

Family Resources gives you ideas about how to solve problems:

Shopping for the right assisted living placement takes time and is challenging.  Family Resources makes your search easier by giving you helpful checklists you can use when visiting a facility.   It also lets you understand what to expect from an assisted living provider.

Family Resources to connect you with

  • Veterans services and funding sources,
  • County of San Diego services and caregiver support,
  • And if you need help with an assisted living provider, we tell you how to find it.

So now – start searching