How does the Choose Well program benefit my business?

Choose Well Volunteers will benefit in the following ways:

  1. FREE - Attend Live CEU training sessions. Absolutely no cost to you.
  2. Receive a FREE listing on the Choose Well website, publicized by the County.
  3. Reach your target customers.
  4. Choose Well drives targeted traffic to your facility’s website.
  5. Receive Founding Member designation if you join by March 1, 2017.
  6. Describe your care to the community.
  7. Network with other facility licensees.  Join the Advisory Working Group.
  8. Upload awards, certifications and professional affiliations.
  9. Create your Facility Profile Page to stand out from the competition.
  10. Be seen as a trusted community partner.
  11. Advertise your participation in the County’s Choose Well program.