Casa De Vida Senior Living

Casa De Vida Senior Living

  • Casa de Vida Senior Living
  • Casa de Vida Senior Living
  • Casa de Vida Senior Living
  • Casa de Vida Senior Living
  • Casa de Vida Senior Living

At Casa De Vida, we attend to the physical and emotional needs of our elderly residents with uncompromising quality and concern. Making the right choice for a senior care facility is a serious and consequential one, not only for the health and well-being of the resident, but for the peace of mind of the families and all those in charge of making a conscientious and responsible decision.

There are many senior care facilities operating across the country today, but too often the ideals and assurances put forth in promotional literature fall short of both the expectations of decision makers as well as the needs of residents. At Casa De Vida Senior Living, we strive for excellence in taking care of all that come through our doors, and most importantly, we are flexible. Our mind is not closed to doing things a certain way.

This is about what the residents want, this is their home and life, it is our goal to take care of them in a manner that they choose, within reason of course!

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4633 Denwood Road
La Mesa, CA 91942
Phone Main:
(619) 697-9707
(619) 569-3538
Administrator: Laurene Atkinson
Website: Casa De Vida Senior Living
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