Frequently Asked Questions

The County's 11 Choose Well Quality Measures can be found here.

No.  The Choose Well site gives consumers like you the tools to locate and research a suitable facility.  The Choose Well Score is an indicator of quality, but placement is a personal decision based on many factors.  The needs and the care that person requires  are the most important considerations.  The Choose Well Scores and Facility Profile Pages give you information on the many features and amenities you'll need to evaluate when making a care placement decision. 

On this site you will find Check Lists from various organizations.  Be sure you know what specific services and care your loved one needs. Any of these check lists can help you ask the questions you need answers to; use the one that fits you best.  After you have the answers to your questions, you will be better able to make a decision.

Use the Choose Well website to get started.  Set up visits with the RCFEs  you like.  When you are visiting, be sure to use the check list as you walk through the facility. Don't be shy.  Ask your own questions so you completely understand how that facility would take care of your family member.

Once you make a placement decision, be sure to visit your loved one often to oversee the care and supervision they are receiving.

There are other websites that have information about assisted living facilities. 

Choose Well is a voluntary program for San Diego County assisted living facilities (also called Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly, or RCFEs).  A facility's licensee may not want to volunteer for a variety of reasons.  If you want to know why the facility you are interested in has not volunteered for the Choose Well program, we invite you to ask the facility owner directly.   

What does "Last Inspection Date" mean?

The state of California is only required to inspect a facility once every five years.  If the facility profile you are looking at shows a Last Inspected date fo 2012, that facility does not have to be inspected again until 2017.  

How often is the directory and Facility Profile Pages updated?

The directory is updated quarterly.  The last update is shown in the last paragraph of the Facility Profile Description.

The Facility Profile Page can be updated as often as the facility provider wants to make changes in the information they are providing consumers. 

Each directory refresh captures facilities which are "Licensed" or "On Probation."  "Closed" and "Pending" facilities are not displayed.  If a "Pending" facility becomes licensed during the interim between refreshes, it will appear on the next refreshed directory listing.  

How often is the Choose Well Score updated?

The facility's Choose Well Score is updated within four weeks after we are notified that the facility has had a state visit.